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DC Electro-Zahid


Welcome to official site of «DC Electro-Zahid»

Our energetic young team has many years of experience in sales of industrial equipment. In 2008 there was created the company «DK Electro-Zahid», which leads to several areas of work, the main of which is

Sale of industrial equipment:

* industrial fans and pumps,
* cable-conductor production,
* transformers, vibrators,
* frequency converters,
* terminal equipment,
* electrical equipment,
* the control and protection of electric motors and pumps.

The collective of the «DC Electro-Zahid» offers You mutually advantageous cooperation!

Our main task - complex solution of problems of automation of technological processes and water supply with use of modern domestic and world achievements and technologies.

The main partners of «DC Electro-Zahid» - the largest domestic manufacturers of the industrial equipment. Products are made using high-tech processes in the modern domestic and import equipment. Our capabilities and experience to help You in solving complex issues.

On the site You can find assortment of production of «DC Electro-Zahid», technical characteristics and functional capabilities of the goods, the relevant prices, the shares and the new proposals. We are open to new opportunities. Join us!


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